Perplexible picks: Snail

This puzzle was something of a happy surprise, I didn’t expect the two tetromino shapes to be enough to determine the whole puzzle. I really like how this one solves, with all clues being blank cells.

Snail 4Regular Snail rules.

Perplexible picks: Skyscrapers variants

Both 6×6-sized puzzles are rather tough. You have been warned.

Regular Skyscrapers rules.

Crypto Skyscrapers 1 Crypto Skyscrapers 2

Regular Skyscrapers rules apply. However, the clues have been encrypted: different letters stand for different numbers, same letters stand for the same number. Determining which letter stands for which number is part of the puzzle.

Easy As Skyscrapers 1

This one is a hybrid of Skyscrapers and Easy As ABC (with numbers from 1 to 6, instead of A, B and C). Each clue is either a Skyscrapers clue or Easy as 123456 clue, but not both. This is the hardest of the bunch, in my opinion.

Perplexible picks: Tapa

Here’s a couple of Tapas I thought were noteworthy.

Regular Tapa rules.

Tapa 3

This one is a regular Tapa, with antisymmetric clues.

Unique Clues Tapa 1

I call this variant Unique Clues Tapa. In addition to regular Tapa rules, no two clue cells may be the same. Asterisks stand for a nonzero amount of question marks.

Of all the Tapas I’ve made so far, this one is my favourite.

Perplexible picks: Star Battle/Galaxies

Even though this puzzle is somewhat stratified, meaning the ingredients don’t interact that much, I still think it deserves a pick. I definitely mean to make more of these.

Star Battle Galaxies 1

Rules: Galaxies / Star Battle rules, with the following changes:

Some of the galaxies act as Star Battle regions. Galaxies with a black center have two stars, and galaxies with a dotted center have no stars. The rest of the galaxies may have two stars or no stars; determining this is left to the solver.

New blog!

I finally got around making a puzzle blog of my own, goodbye Perplexible! I’d like to thank Dave Millar for letting me in in the first place.

I’ll be re-posting a selection of my Perplexible puzzles to get some content in here, and to get the hang of WordPress. You can find the rest of them here.