(25.) Skyscrapers Snake

I got the urge to write a snake puzzle, and this came out. I’ve made one of these before, and I haven’t seen them elsewhere, so I suppose I’m the originator (please correct me if I’m wrong).

EDIT: The puzzle had a big issue with uniqueness that I missed, thanks for Prasanna Seshadri for pointing it out.

025 Skyscrapers Snake
Regular Skyscrapers Snake rules.


2 thoughts on “(25.) Skyscrapers Snake

  1. I think this has two solutions, since a 5-cell span in R1 is allowed in the top left which will block the right side 5-cell span while still satisfying the only active clue, the 2 in R2. Either that or of course, there is a 6 cell span in R2 avoiding the left side of R1 entirely. Other than that, nice to solve, and also good to see this skyscrapers concept used more. To my knowledge the concept was first seen in my Tapa variant.


    • Oh, you’re right, it was quite severely broken, sorry for that. That’s what I get for posting puzzles at 1 in the morning!
      Luckily moving the 2 on the other side of R2 fixes it, even though it destroys the theme.
      I do remember being inspired by your Skyscrapers Tapas, I’ll add that on the rules page.


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