(28.) Cave

I thought it was high time I made one of these.

Because I wanted the layout to stay symmetric, and that all the clues appear in pairs, and that the clues in a pair have a difference of 1, forcing uniqueness was tricky and the puzzle ended up being a lot easier than what I was going for. Oh well.

028 CaveRegular Cave rules.

(13., 14.) Slitherlink

Gimmick puzzles! Here’s a pair of not-entirely-easy Slitherlinks.

If you cut the first Slitherlink into four 5×5-sized quadrants, then inflate each quadrant (each pair of adjacent cells will be pushed one cell apart, so the inflated quadrant takes up a 9×9 square), and then interleave them back together, you get another valid puzzle, the second Slitherlink.

013 Slitherlink 2 A014 Slitherlink 2 B
Regular Slitherlink rules.

EDIT: I somehow completely forgot that Slitherlink uses a dot grid, not dashed lines. Fixed.