(25.) Skyscrapers Snake

I got the urge to write a snake puzzle, and this came out. I’ve made one of these before, and I haven’t seen them elsewhere, so I suppose I’m the originator (please correct me if I’m wrong).

EDIT: The puzzle had a big issue with uniqueness that I missed, thanks for Prasanna Seshadri for pointing it out.

025 Skyscrapers Snake
Regular Skyscrapers Snake rules.

(23.) Tapa / Pata

I was hoping to make a puzzle with a perfectly symmetrical clue layout, the asymmetry stemming from the Tapa/Pata division, but try as I might, I couldn’t get this one to work satisfactorily. I’ll probably revisit this kind of puzzle, but for now it shall do.

By the way, do these kind of puzzles that combine many puzzle styles, have a name for themselves? I’d hesitate to call them hybrids, since each section is vanilla on its own.

023 Tapata

Regular Tapa and Pata rules. The clues on the left side are Tapa clues, while the clues on the right are Pata clues.

Perplexible picks: Skyscrapers variants

Both 6×6-sized puzzles are rather tough. You have been warned.

Regular Skyscrapers rules.

Crypto Skyscrapers 1 Crypto Skyscrapers 2

Regular Skyscrapers rules apply. However, the clues have been encrypted: different letters stand for different numbers, same letters stand for the same number. Determining which letter stands for which number is part of the puzzle.

Easy As Skyscrapers 1

This one is a hybrid of Skyscrapers and Easy As ABC (with numbers from 1 to 6, instead of A, B and C). Each clue is either a Skyscrapers clue or Easy as 123456 clue, but not both. This is the hardest of the bunch, in my opinion.

Perplexible picks: Star Battle/Galaxies

Even though this puzzle is somewhat stratified, meaning the ingredients don’t interact that much, I still think it deserves a pick. I definitely mean to make more of these.

Star Battle Galaxies 1

Rules: Galaxies / Star Battle rules, with the following changes:

Some of the galaxies act as Star Battle regions. Galaxies with a black center have two stars, and galaxies with a dotted center have no stars. The rest of the galaxies may have two stars or no stars; determining this is left to the solver.