(37.) Twin Skyscrapers

The puzzle itself is somewhat gimmicky, but I think there’s potentially interesting variations of the idea.

037 Twin Skyscrapers

Each grid obeys regular Skyscrapers rules. Additionally, the numbers in the rightmost column of the grid on the left act as clues for the grid on the right, and vice versa.

(Thanks to edderiofer for pointing out the old version was broken!)

(19.) Diagonal Fillomino

Apologies for the dry spell. I haven’t had much inspiration, or will, to make puzzles lately, until I thought of this variation. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.
Getting used to this variant will probably take a bit of time. I recommend starting with the example puzzle on the rules page, I like how it turned out.
019 Diagonal Fillomino
Regular Diagonal Fillomino rules.

Perplexible picks: Masyu variants

Neither one has a fully symmetric clue layout, but I’m happy with them as they are.

Regular Masyu rules.

Alternating Liars Masyu 2The full title of this one is Alternating Liars Masyu. In addition to regular Masyu rules, half the clues are liars: that is, a liar white pearl acts like a black pearl, and vice versa. The loop must alternate between truthful and liar pearls: going around the loop, every other pearl must be a liar.

Alternating Masyu 1This one is an Alternating Masyu. In addition to regular Masyu rules, the loop must alternate between white and black pearls: going around the loop, every other pearl must be black.

While using guesswork might be tempting, there is a particular insight this puzzle was built around.

Perplexible picks: Crypto Regional Yajilin

This one’s one of my favourites from the hard end of the difficulty spectrum. However, you’ll need a little bifurcation, so consider yourself warned.

Crypto Regional Yajilin 1Regular Regional Yajilin rules. However, the clues have been encrypted: different letters stand for different numbers (possibly zero), and same letters stand for the same number. Determining which letter stands for which number is part of the puzzle.