(25.) Skyscrapers Snake

I got the urge to write a snake puzzle, and this came out. I’ve made one of these before, and I haven’t seen them elsewhere, so I suppose I’m the originator (please correct me if I’m wrong).

EDIT: The puzzle had a big issue with uniqueness that I missed, thanks for Prasanna Seshadri for pointing it out.

025 Skyscrapers Snake
Regular Skyscrapers Snake rules.

(21.) Skyscrapers


It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted here, and I assure you I’ve been feeling guilty about it. University has been keeping me busy, and I sort of lost interest in pen-and-paper puzzles for a while, but in the past few months I’ve been trying to get back into it. Most of the puzzles I’ve made since I last posted were gifts for friends and family, and I haven’t yet decided whether I’m going to put them here.

Anyways, given that today is Finnish Independence Day, I made a puzzle to honour it. I thought I’d make a larger-than-usual Skyscrapers puzzle to challenge myself, since so far the largest Skyscrapers I’ve made have been 6×6-sized. Forcing uniqueness turned out to be a real chore.

021 Skyscrapers

Regular Skyscrapers rules.

Perplexible picks: Skyscrapers variants

Both 6×6-sized puzzles are rather tough. You have been warned.

Regular Skyscrapers rules.

Crypto Skyscrapers 1 Crypto Skyscrapers 2

Regular Skyscrapers rules apply. However, the clues have been encrypted: different letters stand for different numbers, same letters stand for the same number. Determining which letter stands for which number is part of the puzzle.

Easy As Skyscrapers 1

This one is a hybrid of Skyscrapers and Easy As ABC (with numbers from 1 to 6, instead of A, B and C). Each clue is either a Skyscrapers clue or Easy as 123456 clue, but not both. This is the hardest of the bunch, in my opinion.