(23.) Tapa / Pata

I was hoping to make a puzzle with a perfectly symmetrical clue layout, the asymmetry stemming from the Tapa/Pata division, but try as I might, I couldn’t get this one to work satisfactorily. I’ll probably revisit this kind of puzzle, but for now it shall do.

By the way, do these kind of puzzles that combine many puzzle styles, have a name for themselves? I’d hesitate to call them hybrids, since each section is vanilla on its own.

023 Tapata

Regular Tapa and Pata rules. The clues on the left side are Tapa clues, while the clues on the right are Pata clues.


(22.) Tapa

The original theme for this one was going to be six columns each using only one number (you can still see it on the right with the 2s and 4s), but I couldn’t get it to wrap up so I relaxed the constraints and this came out. It’s not a hard one, but I like it.

022 Tapa

Regular Tapa rules.

Perplexible picks: Tapa

Here’s a couple of Tapas I thought were noteworthy.

Regular Tapa rules.

Tapa 3

This one is a regular Tapa, with antisymmetric clues.

Unique Clues Tapa 1

I call this variant Unique Clues Tapa. In addition to regular Tapa rules, no two clue cells may be the same. Asterisks stand for a nonzero amount of question marks.

Of all the Tapas I’ve made so far, this one is my favourite.