Skyscrapers Snake

Skyscrapers Snake example

Rules: Shade some cells to form a snake. A snake is a connected path of shaded cells such that every shaded cell shares an edge with exactly two other shaded cells, except for the head and tail cells, which only share an edge with one shaded cell. (Notice that the snake is allowed to touch itself diagonally, as this isn’t allowed in some snake variants.)

The clues act like Skyscrapers clues: a run of n consecutive shaded cells is taken to be a skyscraper of height n, so a clue tells the amount of visible skyscrapers an observer, standing on the clue, would see in that row/column. A skyscraper blocks sight to all skyscrapers behind  it that aren’t taller.

The head and tail of the snake, if given, are marked by circles. Otherwise it’s up to the solver to determine where the head and tail are.

As far as I know, this puzzle type is of my own invention. I derived it from Prasanna Seshadri‘s Skyscrapers Tapa.

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